1st Showcase B: Custom length no decimals

Example: Customizing length, min. 1m, no decimals
Base price 96,38 €
Base price for variant 96,38 €
Variant price modifier:
Base price with tax
Salesprice with discount
Sales price 96,38 €
Tax amount
Custom length
96,38 € per 0


A Product should be sold price per length. The customer can insert custom length. Basis Product price set 100$ per meter. Minimum is in this case 1 m. Only whole meter is sold, no decimals

1. Create Custom field (or use already existing)

Type: Plug-in

Cart Attribute: yes

Select Plugin: VM-Custom, iStraxx Customsize

2. Create new Product set up as usual

Set price 100$

3. Set Customfield in your Product view

For this example the following values are used:

Unit: m

Minimum value for length: 1

Decimal values: 0

Offset for Dimension: 1

Use offset as default unit size: Yes

Set price: 100$

That's it.





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