4th Showcase Custom product cart variant

Example: Customized product with cart variant.
Base price 93,88 €
Base price for variant 93,88 €
Variant price modifier:
Base price with tax
Salesprice with discount
Sales price 93,88 €
Tax amount
Custom length
93,88 € per m
Cart Variant


This Product has a few product cart variants (as option). The Customer can size the Product and an Extra can be added.

Product standard price is 100$. There are two extra option (150$,200$). Unit is m. Extras will not be scaled in this case.

1. Create Custom field (or use already existing)

 Type: Cart Variant

 Cart Attribute: yes

2. Create Custom field (or use already existing)

Type: Plug-in

Cart Attribute: yes

Select: Dimension

Select Plugin: VM-Custom, iStraxx Customsize

3. Create new Product set up as usual

Set price 100$

4. Set Custom Fields in your Product view

In this example we also use the Customsize Plugin with following settings:

Unit: m

Minimum value for length: 0.01

Decimal values: 2

Offset for Dimension: 1

Use offset as default unit size: yes

Set price: 100$

For this showcase we need to add the Custom field Cart variant three times.

Name them (No Extra, Extra 1, Extra 2) and set the price (0,50,100).


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