10th Showcase: Custom scaled product length multiple price/surface ranges

Example: multiple Ranges for scaled products + extra option
Base price 91,48 €
Base price for variant 91,48 €
Variant price modifier:
Base price with tax
Salesprice with discount
Sales price 91,48 €
Tax amount
gen child variant
Custom length
91,48 € per 0
Cart Variant
Choose a variant


There are different product length ranges. The range is going to be selected.
The price and a custom length and the width value will be added. An Extra option can be selected.

1. Create Custom field (or use already existing)

Type: Plug-in

Cart Attribute: yes

Select Plugin: VM-Custom, iStraxx Customsize

2. Create Custom field (or use already existing)

Type: Generic Child Variant

Cart Attribute: yes

Layout: ontop

3. Create Custom field (or use already existing)

Type: Cart Variant

Cart Attribute: yes

4. Create new Product set up as usual

Set price 100$

5. Set Customfield in your Product view

Insert Custom Field Generic Child Variant.

Also insert Custom Field Customsize (as above)

6. Create Children three times

Name the children (0.01-1,1.01-100,100.01-999) and set price (100,50,25) in this example.

7. Configure Customfield in your Product child view (it should already exist) for each children.

The variance between the children is in the min and max values and the price.

Do not forget to activate checkbox Overwrite Parent Plugin values for each child.

Unit: m

Minimum value for length: (0.01,1.01,100.01)

Maximum value for length: (1,100,999)

Decimal values: 2

Offset for Dimension: 1

Use offset as default unit size: yes

Set price: (100,50,25)

Also add Custom Fields Cart Variant three times in this case, set Name (No Extra,Extra 1, Extra 2) an set the price (0,100,200).

Do not forget to activate the Overwrite Plugin values of parent checkbox on top of Custom Field view of your
Child products if you want to use different Custom Field settings as the parent product. Else leave them as they are, the parental values are going to be used then.



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